aktualizacja: 30.06.2016

obrazek przedstawia ludzika z brodą i w okularach, w koszulce Nauki o klimacie, przy komputerze

Spośród licznych publikowanych codziennie artykułów na temat zmiany klimatu, redakcja Nauki o klimacie wybiera dla Was najciekawsze.
Zachęcamy do czytania i komentowania.

The Temperature Spiral Has an Update. It’s Not Pretty.

Why Has a Drop in Global CO2 Emissions Not Caused CO2 Levels in the Atmosphere to Stabilize?

Best Protected Great Barrier Reef Corals Are Now Dead

Long Overlooked Area of Antarctica Sees Major Ice Loss

From floods to forest fires: a warming planet – in pictures

How Rising CO2 Levels May Contribute to Die-Off of Bees

Boomerangs versus Javelins: The Impact of Polarization on Climate Change Communication

May Marks One More Record Hot Month for the World

Alpine soils storing up to a third less carbon as summers warm

Alaska is way, way hotter than normal right now

Ocean Heat Comes Back to Haunt Coral Reefs

Climate scientists have warned us of coral bleaching for years. It’s here.

A Simple Idea Could Help Wildlife Survive Climate Change

Revealed: first mammal species wiped out by human-induced climate change

Study: Going vegetarian can cut your food carbon footprint in half

Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere forecast to shatter milestone

Kto się boi zmian klimatu?

Glacial Change in Montana’s Blackfoot-Jackson Basin

Potentially Extreme Population Displacement and Concentration in the Tropics Under Non-Extreme Warming

The world is about to install 700 million air conditioners. Here’s what that means for the climate

400 ppm

Global Temperature Update

1958 – Global Warming – It’s NOT newly known

Global Warming

Seven climate records set so far in 2016

With May Record, Global Temps in ‘New Neighborhood’

Oil Industry Satellite for Measuring Climate Pollution Set to Launch

Aerosol emissions key to the surface warming ‘slowdown’, study says

Permafrost thawing below shallow Arctic lakes

Climate Scientists’ Personal Carbon Footprints Come Under Scrutiny

Global warming to expose more people to Zika-spreading mosquito Aedes aegypti

Climate scientists predict more blazing heat, drought, fires and scores of dead trees in the West

Climate change could alter the chemistry of deepwater lakes and harm ecosystems

Mussel shells much thinner than 50 years ago

Permafrost thaw has risen fourfold in some Arctic regions

A Computer Just Changed the Coral Research Game

Forest Fires Can Heat Up The Whole Planet

This chart perfectly explains what’s at stake in the quest to stop climate change

Significant humus loss in forests of the Bavarian Alps

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