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obrazek przedstawia ludzika płci żeńskiej z długimi blond włosami i w koszulce nauki o klimacie, w tle telewizor ze zjęciem huraganów

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Spośród licznych publikowanych codziennie artykułów na temat zmiany
klimatu, redakcja NoK wybiera dla Was najciekawsze. Zachęcamy do
czytania i komentowania.

High chance that current atmospheric greenhouse concentrations commit to warmings greater than 1.5 °C over land

Deep ocean current may slow due to climate change

Triple -digit temperatures, lack of moisture dry out the Rio Grande

The Remarkable Inconsistency Of Climate Denial

Analysis: Aviation could consume a quarter of 1.5C carbon budget by 2050

Scorchio! Earth’s surface is the hottest it has been in history

Melting glaciers pose threat beyond water scarcity: floods

Alaskan Village Votes to Relocate Due to Climate Change

Rising seas could ease coral bleaching but will be ‘too little too late’

Zebra finch call prepares their eggs for climate change

Na Antarktydzie jednak ubywa lodu

Climate Change Is Hell on Alaska’s Formerly Frozen Highways

Climate change already accelerating sea level rise, study finds

TV Meteorologists Warm to Climate Science

Droughts to Become More Severe, Frequent Over Nearly a Third of Earth: Study

Beautiful Blue Lakes Are Invading East Antarctica and That’s Not Good

Q&A: Professor Brian Cox takes on Senator Malcolm Roberts in climate change stoush

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