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ilustracja przedstawia ludzika z ciemnymi włosami i w okularach, w koszulce z logo Nauki o klimacie i ze słuchawkami na uszach

Spośród licznych publikowanych codziennie artykułów na temat zmiany
klimatu, redakcja Nauki o klimacie wybiera dla Was najciekawsze.
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Southeast Asian Fires Emitted Most Carbon Since 1997

Conditions Are Ripe for an Intense Fire Season in Amazonia

Dark Snow Fieldwork Log: First Entry

Serce arktycznego Spitsbergenu traci lód w rekordowym tempie

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Clean Coal Technology

It isn’t easy being green — just ask those who are

New research: climate may be more sensitive and situation more dire

This new Antarctica study is bad news for climate change doubters

Aerosol emissions key to the surface warming 'slowdown’, study says

The damage wrought by acidic oceans hurts more than marine life and lasts longer than you think

We just broke the record for hottest year, nine straight times

Warming Is Shifting Around Earth’s Clouds

Radiography of drought periods in Spain from the last 318 years

Climate Change May Shrink Adélie Penguin Range By End of Century

What phony op-eds about climate change have in common

Review of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions: Mechanisms, Significance and Challenges

How a single word sparked a four-year saga of climate fact-checking and blog backlash

2016 climate trends continue to break records

Deja vu: as with tobacco, the climate wars are going to court

Humans are greening the planet, but the implications are complicated

Global warming implicated in dinosaur extinction

Naomi Oreskes on How to Write about Science

As Clouds Head for the Poles, Time to Prepare for Food and Water Shocks

Consequences of Climate Change: Arctic Migratory Birds To Lose Breeding Habitat by 2070

CO2-Ink Demonstration

These are the best arguments from the 3% climate scientists 'skeptics’. Really.

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